E-Citation Saves Millions of Dollars in Taxpayer Money

No one enjoys receiving a traffic violation. It is human nature.  However, nearly everyone enjoys saving money, especially when it comes to tax dollars.  BND.com is reporting that St. Clair County in Illinois has plans of adopting a new system in which police officers and traffic clerks will soon spend less time doing paperwork for traffic tickets.

What is this new system?

The program is called “E-Citation.” “E-Citation will allow officers conducting traffic stops to access driver information from a mobile laptop and automatically fill in a name, driver’s license number, date of birth and location. The ticket is then printed on a small handheld printer and given to the driver. The E-Citation is electronically sent to the circuit clerk’s office.”

A routine traffic stop generally takes upwards of 25 minutes of the officer and civilian’s time, and additional hour or two in booking standard citations once the officer returns to the station. With E-Citation, the traffic stop will only take about five minutes and will include no booking upon the officer’s return to the station as information is automatically uploaded via the system. This also cuts down on lost city revenue as illegible tickets become obsolete with an electronic system.

So one may be wondering, as the title insists, how is this saving millions of dollars?

According to the article, “The savings generated for taxpayers by E-Citations in government paper, man hours, overtime, workers compensation from accidents arising out of lengthy traffic stops, and reduced gas use across 32 different arresting agencies will be in the millions. The investment in E-Citations has generally paid for itself in less than two years in other jurisdictions.” “Only violators pay for this, but all taxpayers will reap the benefits,”

Seems like pretty fair trade off for both parties.

To learn more about E-Citation and Zebra’s E-Citation solutions click here!


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