RFID Cards, Vail Resorts and Social Media: What’s the Connection?

In 2008, Vail Resorts instituted a ticketing system based on radio frequency identification technology—including Zebra UHF cards and card printers—to improve its guests’ experiences by speeding and simplifying ski lift-ticket checking. Now, as RFID Journal reports, Vail Resorts is taking its RFID-enabled lift passes to a new level—and connecting them with social media tools to ramp up guest engagement and enthusiasm.

How, you ask? This season, the lift passes will track how many vertical feet visitors have skied. Skiers and snowboarders can see their statistics online, and share and compare stats through their Facebook and Twitter social-media accounts. And while at the resort, they can use their Web-enabled phones to see when and where their friends are skiing.

Competition. Conversation. Customer satisfaction. What more could a ski resort wish for? And to think it can start with a little ol’ RFID chip.

Can you see a use for a similar application in your business?

Read the RFID Journal article.

Also take a look at Zebra’s case study about Vail Resorts’ first-of-a-kind RFID lift access. And learn more about UHF RFID card technology, which can be read from 20 feet away, in this white paper.


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