Bloomberg: Taking Stock – Anders talks Barcode/RFID Outlook

Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Zebra Technologies sat down with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg’s talk show Taking Stock recently to discuss the outlook for the bar-code market. After getting in to a brief conversation of Zebra’s 40+ year history, Anders spoke on the corporation’s primary function, which incorporates providing companies with solutions and applications around which they can better identify, track, and manage their most important assets, transactions, and people, for a variety of the vertical markets. Various topics of discussion touched on Zebra solutions, industry trends, RFID technology, IQ Color labeling, supply chain management, healthcare and patient wristbands, and asset tracking.

The most discussed about topic during the segment surrounded the idea of “backward visibility” with an emphasis on the food chain.  Anders states that with Zebra’s current solutions it “…will enable the food supply chain to have backward visibility all the way to the farm that actually grows the produce or meat…”  He uses an example of the automotive industry to illustrate further the idea of backwards visibility in terms of recalls and being able to track individualized items back to the original source and supplier.

View the full sit-down with Zebra Technologies’ CEO Anders Gustafsson on Taking Stock with Pimm Fox to learn more about the Barcode and RFID industry outlook.

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