eCitation Solutions Print Tickets, Deliver Efficiency

The Huntsville Times recently ran an article on how the Huntsville, AL Police department plans on using upwards of $862,000 in federal grant money on new equipment, technology, and training.  In conjunction with the Madison County Sheriffs and District Attorney’s office (whom they will split a small percentage with), the money will bring much needed upgrades and efficiencies to law enforcement in those municipalities.

To get a break down of the full article, check it out here.

Equipment such as in-car digital video cameras and drivers license card readers are all on docket as purchases the Huntsville PD plan to make. In addition to the equipment purchases, there are also plans of purchasing a driving simulator for training.  All of these new upgrades will prove beneficial in improving policing/patrolling efficiencies.

Maybe the most interesting piece of the article however, came with the discussion of an eventual mandatory process in how ticket citations will be implemented.  The article states that “Eventually… officers will be required to use eCitation – a similar setup for traffic tickets.” eCitation has a multitude of benefits that municipalities and law enforcement offices are starting to trend towards.

A few of the key benefits that eCitation provides is: eCitation

1)      Provides a safety assurance to the patrolling officers with less time spent on the side of the road

2)      It boasts a strong ROI, quickly becoming a revenue generator for cities

3)      Can reduce revenue loss from tickets being thrown out due to errors or illegibility of handwritten tickets

With federal stimulus and grant money coming into some cities such as the one highlighted in the article above, many law enforcement offices will begin to focus their efforts on improved and more efficient technologies such as eCitation.

For more on eCitation solutions and how it is a “must have” for all law enforcement agencies check out this Zebra’s eCitation brochure.


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