Mobile Solutions – Working for a Government Near You!

The words “Government” and “simple process” are terms not normally synonymous with one another. However, this is all beginning to change as evidence in recent processes implemented in Shelby County, Tennessee.  After having adopted electronic data process a few years ago to serve citations and collect payments from delinquent tax payers, this past February “Shelby County Trustee’s Office expanded that operation, deploying the so-called “mobile cashiers” to various pockets of the county during its busiest tax collection time of the year.”

You can check out the article in its entirety here.

Located at various public buildings throughout the county, these “mobile cashiers” are simply equipped with a mini-laptop, and a device that accepts credit cards and prints receipts. Not only is this new operation quick, efficient, and simple, it has helped streamline a normally complicated process for county residents, while also adding a personal touch to a generally impersonal transaction.  Citizens of the community have been very receptive to the implementation of “mobile cashiers,” so much so that the Shelby County Trustee’s Office has plans of expansion on a year to year basis.

One benefit to this process that flies under the radar however, is the mobile printing application tied into the operation.  By using wireless Bluetooth functions, the credit card device links with the laptop/printer, streamlining the process even more.  Having mobile printing capabilities enables: Mobile Printing

  • Reduction in errors/misunderstanding of handwritten vs. printed invoices/receipts
  • Greater customer satisfaction – invoice/receipts are easier to read
  • Reduction in time to produce handwritten invoice/receipts vs. printing
  • Frees time to service other customers
  • Image printed on high-quality paper may last longer than traditional paper

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Given the buzz this has created in Shelby County, and the positive public response it has created, one wouldn’t be surprised to see more cities and municipalities follow suit in implementing similar operations in the near future.

Do you believe this is a process that could benefit your community?

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