RFID and Secure ID solutions Serve and Protect!

The public safety sector has recently found a way to add security assurance for their safety and well being. An article on MoreRFID.com covers a story on how a major British police force has recently adapted “a new and innovative RFID-based weapons tracking solution to secure armaments for military, law enforcement and other agencies.”

You can read the article in its entirety here.

RFID solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the Government and Public Sector, as it is becoming even more crucial to manage and track critical assets.  More so, the means by how these assets are accessed, and by whom, also becomes critically important. Insert secure ID solutions. As the article states, “When an officer needs a Taser, he presents his identification card to a card reader… the system [then] establishes if the officer is authorized to carry Tasers.”

As safety and security continues to be increasingly important within Government and Public Sector, do you believe more states and municipalities should adapt these methods?

Other industries such as hospitals, retail stores, and manufacturing plants also have began to increase the use of RFID technologies to manage and track assets, and Secure ID access has become a staple in many industries. These solutions provide a safe, easy, and cost efficient way to manage assets and personnel.

For more on Secure ID Technology and Zebra Secure ID solutions click here.

For more on RFID technology and Zebra RFID solutions please click here.


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