Finding True Value in Rugged Mobile Printing Devices

Value. Every purchase we make involving a comparison of any kind always comes down to value. We want the most for our money but we don’t want to pay for features we don’t need. We look at how we plan on using that product today and how we might use it tomorrow. Not to mention that we ask ourselves how long we plan on using it. When we address those issues we determine value.

The same is true in mobile computing.

There is price and there is total cost of ownership. Psion Teklogix recently published a great white paper on the comparison of rugged vs. commercial handheld devices. The paper cites a VDC’s report on Total Cost of Ownership that concludes that rugged devices significantly reduce productivity loss while also achieving lower device failure rates and wireless transmission failures. You can check out the entire report here.

One of the most compelling takeaways from the paper was the ROI loss due to device downtime. And this is measured not only by what the mobile worker can’t do, but what other businessRW420PS lcd medium II
functions are affected by the worker’s inactivity. So while things like rescheduled service calls, mailed out or hand-written receipts and missed sales opportunities are the obvious productivity killers, the VDC report found that multiple areas of an organization will be indirectly affected such as IT to fix the device, shipping to take of a returned unit, administrative staff to reschedule appointments and others. VDC found that IT support requirements can be as much as 44% higher for commercial device deployments than rugged ones.

The simple takeaway is this: there is price comparison and then there is TOTAL price comparison. Taking a long and broader look at the impact your mobile device will have on your entire organization will better help you determine that value you are looking for.

You can see a number of mobile printing resources such as our white papers on how mobile printers can drive efficiency and increase customer satisfaction here.


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