Handheld Market Projected to Grow 8% in 2010. Printers Hope to Tag Along

The rugged handheld market took a nice 8 % uptick in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the first quarter of last year according to VDC Research. The report detailed the grim realities of 2009 which showed  the retail sector took a 40% drop in growth. The increase comes as welcomed news that the outlook for 2010 is much better than most analysts were predicting.

The report appears in an InformationWeek article that came out this week.

The report also cites retail companies reporting promising results in the first six months of this year and some companies reporting as much as 30% increase in sales versus 2009. With this encouraging data, VDC is predicting that the rugged handheld computing market will grow by as much as 8.6% or $2.1 billion globally. Looking at average unit prices that comes to about 2.6 million handhelds.

Dang that’s a lot of statistics.

You know what works great with a handheld? Mobile printers. (but you saw that one coming)

With the sidelined project spending opening up, the opportunity for mobile printing to support the newhandhelds makes obvious sense. And while most people will simply add to their existing stock, here is something to consider: Zebra’s Development Services has developed an Alternate Programming Language (APL) software solution that is resident in Zebra printers. This enables a Zebra printer to be a drop-in replacement for a competitive printer.

So if you are looking to add a printer with that handheld this year and are already looking at one of Zebra’s rugged mobile printers, that’s great. Seriously, thanks for thinking of us. But, if you are looking at an O’Neil printer because you don’t want to deal with trying to integrate a new printer into your mix, perhaps this APL is just the thing to sway you.

You can learn more about printer customization, which includes hardware, electrical and firmware, go to www.zebra.com/developmentservices.


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