Bar Codes Tread New Tracking Ground

Running shoe company Brooks Sports is treading on new ground in mobile marketing. This month they launched a cool new mobile campaign to promote the new Ghost 3 running shoe. The campaign includes direct mail, interactive barcodes and a sweepstakes.

It should be no surprise that the barcode inclusion caught our eye. Brooks tapped Jagtag, an interactive barcode maker as well as the marketing agency of Marden Kane and retailer Finish Line to pull together a complete end-to-end promotion.

The 2-D barcodes will appear on direct mail sent out to a database of 10,000 Finish Line customers as well as the shirts worn by the retailer’s sales associates. Customers or even visitors who e-mail photos of the barcode will be entered to win prizes but the real purpose is to help engage current and potential customers as well as get better tracking on the direct mail campaign by measuring the video views and visitors to

Better tracking. Now we’re talking.

The campaign is not only a cool example of a new way to use barcode for tracking, but it is also a great way to use tracking technology to lead customers to more information. From do-it-yourself stores, full feature kiosks to self-checkout lanes, it seems like a new self service option appear every week. And with the proliferation of smartphone use, it seems like a perfect opportunity to provide deeper product information or customized  multimedia to shoppers while they are engaged with brands. User reviews, short videos and even product configurators can be instantly accessed with the camera scan of a barcode.

Click here for a basic overview of barcodes.


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